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Latecomers will not be entertained.

Important Notice: All Participants are to take up your own personal insurance pertaining to this event. Organisers, Sponsers and Volunteers are not responsible for any mishaps arising from both bikes and physical injury / damages. In the event of mishaps, no claims of medical fees will be rendered from the Organisers, Sponsers or Volunteers.

Please read prior to registration / event day:


1.  Cyclocross Bikes / Gravel Bikes

2.  Road Bikes with suitable tires for sand/trail/gravel

3.  XC MTB / Enduro MTB / Full-Sus MTB

4.  Fat Bikes

Note: All bicycles, regardless of the categories, must be properly fitted with two brakes.


1.  All Participants must REPORT AT START POINT 30 MINS BEFORE THE START TIME FOR YOUR CATEGORY for Safety briefing before flag off.


1.  Have the FINESSE to ride such event. Seek Doctor clearance if needed.

2. Able to ride TRAIL terrain.

3. Ride with a cycling helmet.

4.  Not ride dangerously or negligently.

5.  Not use any mobile music device while riding.

6.  Not use hand-held cameras or telephones while riding.

7.  Not ride with Aero helmet.

8.  Not ride with their pets.

2 types of payment mode:


1. Transfer to DBS Savings: 027-4-073513 / UOB Current: 377-300-0458

2. Transfer via Paynow to : 97819807


1. Can I deposit my personal bag at start flag off point?
Yes, there is a deposit counter at the event site.

2. How do I check the timing ?

By Timing Chip (Certain categories)

3. Is there any onsite bike servicing availability?

Not available.

4. Wet Weather plans. Will the event still proceed?
Organisers will assess the conditions and will make announcement on event day.

5. There are trail terrains along the route. Do I need to wear knee pads or elbow pads for protection?

Yes. Riders are encouraged to engage self-protection.